Exploring Negative Space

Chair missing legs

Some time ago, I was immersed in a drawing class as a way to improve my paintings.  One night, the teacher placed a chair up on the table and instructed us to draw it.  The twist on this assignment was that we were to draw the chair, not by rendering its back, legs, and so on, but by drawing the various spaces between its parts.  I put pen to paper and limned the space between the legs, top, and bottom.  When I finished, I backed up and saw that I had miraculously drawn the chair, not by showing what was there, but by seeing what was not there.  This was my first experience drawing what artists call “negative space.” (more…)

The Lost Art of Conversation

group of young women on coffee break

Last night I had dinner with old friends. Nine of us sat around a table and had a stimulating, three hour conversation. We laughed at shared humor, asked each other for advice, commented on challenges, and shared our thoughts and opinions on current issues. Conversation was easy and speaking flowed from one person to another. No one was interrupted, cut off, or ignored. I am smiling as I recollect an evening well spent, pleasant and informative.


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