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My Change Chronicles: Creating a Lost List

One challenging aspect of a disruptive change like relocating your life and business to a new city is that you lose much of what constitutes a normal existence. Before I moved from Northern to Central Virginia, I did not have to think much about where to buy gas, how to scout the best deal on groceries or who would cut my hair. All that was upended once I moved. (more…)


There is no danger that Titanic will sink. The boat is unsinkable.

Phillip Franklin, White Star Vice-president, 1912

Every day we make many, many decisions. Some are trivial, such as what size and flavor of coffee to drink. Other decisions are weighty when they involve substantial sums of money or resources. We strive to make the best decisions possible yet often are swayed by our assumptions and biases into flawed conclusions. Mr. Franklin’s statement above is a graphic example of an assumption that was terribly wrong. (more…)