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Be prepared for a Big Rant. What has happened to silence? Why is it everywhere I go I am assaulted by sound? Every waiting room, whether at my doctor’s office, the dentist, even the service lounge at my auto mechanic’s shop, has a big TV screen tuned to everything from home repair shows to an endless stream of news babble.

I prefer to use my wait time productively, clearing off emails, getting caught up in reading or maybe even just letting my mind go blank. I can’t do it with the audio and visual input of streaming TV. My sympathy goes to the receptionist and other office workers who have to spend their entire work day with this barrage. (more…)


I remember when competency models first hit the talent development universe. Using competencies—concretely defined knowledge and behavior statements to document expectations surrounding a position—was a real breakthrough from the fuzzy, abstract language used prior to that time. Soon everyone was off the starting line, creating competency definitions for key positions.

Lately competencies have begun to fall out of favor. A myriad of reasons support the notion of abandoning competent models. (more…)