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I remember the first time I heard the word telework in the late 1990’s. At the time, I was working in a Fortune 500 corporation and the CEO scoffed at the idea. His comment: “I want to see the parking lot full of cars. That’s the only way I know that work will get done.” We all laughed at his Luddite attempt to stop the progress of this exciting new trend. (more…)

The Motivation Conundrum

QuestionI’ve been a business leader for most of my career, managing staff ranging from 3 to more than 20.  One thing that constantly puzzles me is employee motivation.  Some folks attack their work with great gusto, others simply clock in every day and do the minimal amount to get by.  What can I do to get everyone to be motivated and driven to do their best?

Alice Waagen says:  Good question and one that I am asked with great frequency as I coach organizational leaders.  If I could discover the magic elixir of motivation, I’d be one very rich woman.  There has been much written on the subject of motivating others and the research I find most compelling focuses on some broad overarching principles while acknowledging that what motivates behavior is very much an individual set of drivers.  (more…)