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Polish Your Network: Top 10 Networking Tips

58The power and importance of networking is growing. Whereas networking events used to be optional, in today’s competitive environment they are critical — and could mean the difference between keeping or landing a new job and the unemployment line.

But networking is as much of an art as it is a science. So before you step up to the table and pin your nametag on your lapel, consider these 10 Networking Tips that will help you maximize your time spent sipping water at these all-important events. (Tip number 5: Avoid Food.)


Dress for Interview Success

51By Dr. Alice Waagen
Workforce Learning

Ladies: You must convey that you are a competent professional at a job interview, so you need to look the part. Whether you are hip or tend to be a tad more conservative, opt for conservative when preparing for that all-important meeting.


Holiday Cheer: Eight Things You Should NOT DO in a Failing Economy

49by Alice Waagen, Ph.D.
Owner, Workforce Learning

As the owner of a small consulting business that has weathered more than 11 years of good and bad economies, I know one thing to be certain: this recession / depression shall pass.

But since cash flow can get a little rocky, history has also shown me to be mindful of expenses. I’m willing to admit that my business has dropped off about 30% since September and, like almost everyone I know, I am feeling the pinch. Sure it seems logical — instinctive even — to cut back on every nonessential expense, but I know from personal experience this isn’t always the case.


The Workforce of the Future: A Q&A with Futurist Andy Hines

47Interview by Alice Waagen
Workforce Learning
Photo by Tom Kochel

I recently interviewed futurist Andy Hines, who since 2006 has been director of custom projects at the DC-based research and consulting firm Social Technologies. He also currently serves as an adjunct professor at the University of Houston MS Program in Future Studies, a program from which he graduated in 1990. Previously, he established the Global Trends Program for Kellogg Company, and served as futurist and senior ideation leader at Dow Chemical.


Aging in the Workplace

46By Alice Waagen, PhD
President, Workforce Learning
Photo of MerceRodoreda by art_es_anna,

Perhaps the most glaring result of the economic downturn that began in 2008 is that predictions about looming labor shortages may not come to fruition. Why? Boomers who once planned to retire in their early 60s are changing their plans because their invested savings have lost up to 30% of their value in the stockmarket. Consequently, I believe we will need to extend the upper range of the age of the workforce by about a decade.


When Is It Really Time to Expand Your Workforce? Q&A with Staffing Advisors President Bob Corlett

40An interview with leadership development expert Alice Waagen, Workforce Learning, and Bob Corlett, president of Staffing Advisors

Photo courtesy of Bob Corlett,

Bob Corlett has been in the staffing business for years, but in 2006 the president of Staffing Advisors ( took a good look at his small, successful firm and realized he was struggling with some of the same symptoms his clients were: He knew he could help his clients better if he had a larger staff that could handle more of their needs.


Create Powerful Conversations That Get Results: Q&A with Suzi Pomerantz

23An interview with leadership development expert Alice Waagen, Workforce Learning, and executive coach Suzi Pomerantz

Photo courtesy of Suzi Pomerantz,

I recently interviewed master executive coach Suzi Pomerantz, CEO of Innovative Leadership International, LLC, and author of 20 publications including her most recent book, Seal the Deal: The Essential Mindsets for Growing Your Professional Services Business (HRD Press, 2006). I recently saw an article she wrote entitled, “Powerful Conversations Generate Powerful Results,” and wanted to talk to her more about this topic. Following is our discussion.


A History of the Training & Development Profession

224Compiled from Training & Development Magazine, May 1994 and other ASTD publications

1906: The National Society for the Promotion of Industrial Education is formed
1911: Frederick W. Taylor publishes The Principles of Scientific Management
1913: The first cars roll off the Ford Motor Company assembly line
1914-1918: World War I
1916: Henri Fayol declares that the work of mangers is to plan, organize,
coordinate, and control


How to Budget Training

21ASTD interviews Alice Waagen, PhD

Photo by KRC,

Transcript of interview with ASTD, July 2000

ASTD: Your PhD was in art education. Was it a long step from there to gas and electric and transportation?

Alice Waagen: In a way, yes, and in a way no. Art education has a lot to do with skill-based training. You’re trying to teach people how to create art, and for me it wasn’t as big a jump conceptually as it might sound.