360-Degree Leadership Feedback: Multiple Voices, Multiple Views

I first heard about 360-degree feedback in the mid-1990’s when I served as an HR director in a large transportation company. At that time, multi-rater leadership feedback was a somewhat radical idea which was being promoted at GE under Jack Welch. Welch struggled with effective leadership across his vast empire and used 360-degree data as a way to evaluate a leader’s effectiveness on more than just their business results.


The Power of Peers for Team Development: A Case Study Using Learning Teams for Leadership Development

We tend to think of acquiring new skills or knowledge as a solitary endeavor. From the neat little rows of desks in elementary schools to the massive lecture halls of universities, learning usually means picking up a book, taking a class or listening to a lecture. One method that is often overlooked is using peers as agents of learning and team development. Peer learning or cohort teams make the learning assignment shared by a collaborative team. Individuals collectively acquire knowledge and experience, share new information and hold each other accountable for assignments and insights. Learning teams are a realistic, fundamental way to build collaboration in the workplace.