Client Stories

A sample of Alice’s clients

Daughters of the American Revolution

Dr. Waagen presented a program on Leading Change for our annual Board retreat. It was evident from the active participation of those in attendance that they were excited about learning how to better lead their organizations in a time of constant change. I heard kudos from the minute the seminar ended and am still receiving positive feedback by email form those who attended. Alice added value to our program by tailoring the subject matter to our unique demographic.

IT Organization

Dr. Alice Waagen’s Leadership Development program provided me with valuable insight into the constant evolution of change and its effect on different levels within organizations. The sessions also facilitated discussions on various approaches to standard management tasks, which resulted in a common set of management practices among the management team as well as fostering camaraderie. In addition to the leadership training, we were offered individual coaching sessions. In these one-on-one sessions, Dr. Alice helped me with specific management challenges, shared best practice ideas and provided comparisons to similar situations in other organizations. Talking with Alice was like having an independent, non-biased person to explore my issues and challenges with.

Dulles SHRM

Alice was the keynote speaker for our October 2006 dinner program. Her presentation on Straight Talk was outstanding. Great structure with lots of interaction. There was an extremely high interest level on the part of the participants and we all left the session with ideas that we could implement immediately.


I would just like to thank you for a fantastic course and your professionalism. Everyday I find myself thinking of the lessons learned and the techniques that can be applied to effectively deal with challenging situations. In fact, the other day I found myself talking to my client about the change cycle and how we need to let people experience anger and resistance before we can move to the next stage. Thanks again for everything.

Information Technology Services (ITS)

I recently completed the Leadership Development Program taught by Dr. Alice Waagen. Dr. Waagen’s leadership in the development program provided me with invaluable training. I gained leadership skills that have helped me greatly in all aspects of my career and made me a better leader and manager. Furthermore, I found Dr. Waagen’s one-on-one coaching sessions extremely helpful. In these one-on-one sessions, Dr. Waagen provided me with valuable counseling which has successfully guided me through several situations. I highly recommend her Leadership Development program as well as her individual one-one-one coaching sessions to any individuals or organizations who want to have an excellent leadership development program.

Customer Service Division

Dr. Alice Waagen’s courses taught me how to more effectively manage a fast-paced operational environment. Especially beneficial were the classes on Managing Change and Delegating, Motivating and Coaching Others. We discussed real-world examples, and Dr. Waagen integrated those discussions into the daily teachings. In addition, I felt the personal coaching sessions were an added bonus that allowed me the opportunity to get professional, objective feedback.