Delegation: Never Enough Time

Question: My boss is always on my case to delegate more of my work to my staff. Sure, I am carrying too big a workload, but it will take me longer to train someone than to just do it myself. Why should I waste time delegating if it will take more time to get the job done that way?

Alice Waagen says: Ah, the “I don’t have time” argument against delegation. You are exactly right, it takes more time to train others than to do the work yourself but that is only if you take the short-term view. Once the person is trained, the work comes off your desk and goes to theirs thus easing your workload long-term. But there are much more critical reasons to delegate new work to staff. Appropriate delegation allows employees to grow their skills and experience and prepares them to advance their careers. Delegation shows that you have confidence in a person’s abilities and that you trust them to get the job done. When managers don’t delegate, top talent will leave and go elsewhere to get their growth and advancement opportunities. Delegation also builds your team bench-strength. When assignments are shared among staff, you are much better able to cover absences when they occur. So here is your choice: don’t delegate and keep cranking out the work yourself or delegate, temporarily increase your workload with staff training, but gain a loyal and dedicated staff. Pretty easy choice from my point of view