Kill the Mind Germs

Girl in winter clothing sneezingSlow down. Breathe. Think. Relax. Keep repeating these words from now until year end. December is for many of us, the most challenging time of the year. December has what I call, the Trifecta of Trauma. First, the Center for Disease Control announces that the flu season has officially started. Second, the colder weather forces us indoors, windows shut, sharing germs. Third, year-end brings unrealistic expectation both at work and at home.

What we all need to ward off are these nasty germs, both biological and mental, is a good daily dose of antibacterial logic. To keep your mind germ-free, do a conscious word replacement. Whenever you think “I need” or “I must” or “I should” or “I ought”, think instead “I want.” Shift your thought and language away from the obligations to the joy of choice. The “I wants” may be the same as the “I musts” but choice gives the comfort of control.

Build up your immune systems these last weeks of 2012. We all know how to care for our biological systems with good rest, foods and a daily dose of fresh air. Don’t forget your mental immune system and choose consciously to spend your time on that which is most rewarding to you personally. Don’t let the year-end stress treadmill rule. See options and choice and … smile!