What problem did Alice help you with?
We wanted to offer a professional development series for staff as part of a larger professional development program. This was a new initiate for us since we had never offered staff professional training before. Our goal was to overall build the skill sets of our staff as well as add a key retention tool to our HR programs.

I spoke with managers and staff to get their feedback on the program content. We were focused on fairly general business skills that would apply to all of our staff functions so that staff could participate no matter what their internal role.

What were the solutions Alice offered?
Working with Alice on their project was great because she was very flexible. She reviewed my concept for the program and then prompted me with suggestions and ideas. A lot of the consultants I spoke with about the program wanted to do lengthy needs assessments, focus groups, surveys. I had neither the time nor funds for this. Alice has a catalog of program ideas and was willing to adjust and customize her existing programs for our needs. She provided us with a framework that we could tailor as need.
The result was a four workshop professional development program that we could start offering to staff almost immediately.

What were the results of your working with Alice?
The Professional Development Program was offered twice while I was with this organization When the program was over, we held a luncheon with the CFO and COO and awarded certificates. Even though the program was open enrollment, each class was fully attended. The feedback I received from the staff who attended and their managers was extremely positive.

Two things in particular come to mind as results of these programs. One was the involvement of our union employees. They normally do not participate in corporate events and this program gave them the opportunity to meet and interact with staff from the rest of the organization. Staff also got the opportunity to build relationships with other staff members from across the company.

The program participants shared with me they also enjoyed having a single instructor for the entire program. They got to know Alice and she got to know them and their job challenges. By the end of the series she was able to address issues and challenge unique to our organization as part of the workshops, which was really helpful.

HR Director