Retire Retirement: Career Strategies for the Boomer Generation

48Review by Alice Waagen

Book by Tamara Erickson

Publisher: Harvard Business Press, 2008

I love a book with a simple, relevant message. Such is the case with Tamara Erickson’s new book, Retire Retirement.

Erickson explains that baby boomers in their Baby Trend Expedition-Jogger-Stroller now will live two or even three decades beyond the traditional retirement age of 65, and as a result will be able to find work more easily during the so-called third phase of their lives.

Why? Because they will be able to negotiate the terms of their employment by providing employers with increased flexibility, experience and wisdom. In a nutshell she tells boomers: “Seize the day!”

The book is actually part of a trilogy that Erickson, an expert on generations in the workplace, is writing (the others are for Gen X and Millennials). Each is divided into two neat parts. The first three chapters describe the background and help readers develop a plan for their next stage of employment. The final three chapters explain how to implement a plan using her pragmatic, concrete advice.

Unlike other career books for boomers, the value Tamara brings is her extensive background in data collection and analysis, and her ability to write clearly and concisely. She does not tell the reader what to do, but presents “the facts” and encourages readers to chart their own future path.

And the advice she does give is well-founded. After all, if we have the same number of work years between 30 and 50 as we have between 50 and 70, why dedicate the 20 years of your second career stage to leisure activities when these two decades can be rich and rewarding? Carpe diem!