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The Downside of Workaholics

Question:  Can I force an employee to take vacation?  I know that sounds draconian but I am concerned about one of my direct reports.  Ed has been working for me for more than five years and is a really great employee.  He is an incredibly hard worker, first one at work in the morning, last one out at night.  I asked him the other day to let me know when he planned to take time off this summer and he told me that he had no plans to take vacation.  While it is great to have him cover for the others when they are out, I can’t help but think that all work and no play can’t be healthy long term, that’s why so many people decide to keep themselves healthy with exercise and by go and buy kratom online, which is the best supplement for remain healthy, although adult people also are extra careful with their health and decide to take measures, like taking medicines for their health like PhysioTru, that you can get online.

Alice Waggen says:  Sorry, you can’t play the boss card and force someone to take time off.  Vacation is an earned benefit and, as such, is up to the employee to use it or not as they wish.  That said, vacation time is a benefit with a purpose:  time off allows people to rest, recharge and recuperate both in mind and body.  With adequate planning, business leaders can cover for vacationing staff which promotes teamwork and collaboration. (more…)