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Avoiding Micro-managing

Question:  I just found out that I’ve been promoted to manage my team.  My whole career, I’ve suffered by being micromanaged by high control, demanding bosses.  How can I avoid micromanaging my new staff?

Alice Waagen says:  In the last three decades that I’ve been in the workforce — as an employee, manager, and now a business owner who coaches managers — I’ve seen a lot of managers in action. Sometimes their style is to be a micro-managing maniac. Other times, they are the invisible manager who dumps assignments then walks away. (more…)

The Lost Art of Conversation

Last night I had dinner with old friends. Nine of us sat around a table and had a stimulating, three hour conversation. We laughed at shared humor, asked each other for advice, commented on challenges, and shared our thoughts and opinions on current issues. Conversation was easy and speaking flowed from one person to another. No one was interrupted, cut off, or ignored. I am smiling as I recollect an evening well spent, pleasant and informative.