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There’s a small but persistent club of folks called life-long learners. I am a diehard member of this club. I can’t think of a time when I am not pursuing the acquisition of some new knowledge or skill. To me, learning is really about challenge. It is about starting from zero and trying to achieve some form of mastery. (more…)

Volunteer Leadership Development Programs: An Essential Solution For Sustaining Association Leadership

Consider the following scenario:

Helen sat at her desk and put her head in her hands. As an experienced association Executive Director, she was well-versed in managing the dynamics of marshalling paid staff and dedicated volunteers to achieve mission. Her staff is wonderful but the volunteers are causing her to have many sleepless nights.

The current Board is having difficulty getting things done. Most of the Board members are experienced professionals with 15 to 20 year service records. The challenge is that they are all highly experienced technical professionals with little to no leadership experience.  The members with leadership titles in their organizations lean heavily on a command and control leadership style which is pretty ineffective with volunteers. The result? Board meeting are like herding cats; Board members stick to their own opinions like glue and consensus decisions drag on for hours.

To compound Helen’s woes, three Board members are stepping down next month and the pipeline for new Board talent is virtually empty. The younger association members seem reluctant to serve on task forces and committees.  Incentive for devoting the time needed for serving in a leadership capacity just don’t seem to appeal to the younger generations. Helen reached for her bottle of aspirin and sighed.

If this scenario sounds familiar to you, it should. (more…)