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When I visit my corporate clients these days I am amazed at the levels of stress and burn out that I am seeing.  People look haggard, rushing from one meeting to another, clutching bulging notebooks and beeping cell phones. When I ask why things are so out of control I hear the same answer every time:  tightened purse strings. More work does not mean more resources. If anything, the “do more with less” mantra has folks at the end of their patience and sanity. (more…)

Discretionary Time: A Critical Leadership Asset

Question:  I am the founder and CEO of a mid-sized professional services firm.  In the early, giddy start up years of building my business, I had laser focus on a single task:  business development.  I ate and slept contract negotiations and thrived on the break-neck pace of growing my own firm.

Fast-forward 10 years to today.  I am totally drowning in the daily demands on my time. Every day is booked solid with meetings and commitments.  I have little time left to think long-term strategy.  I am afraid that my hard-won business success will start to suffer if I don’t get a handle on being more strategic.

Alice Waagen says:  If it is any comfort, you are not alone.  A colleague of mine, Bob Corlett, has written about the shocking lack of discretionary time for business executives and its negative impact on hiring decisions.  Discretionary time, time that is not scheduled for a specific purpose such as attending meetings, is the mental life-blood that you are craving.  Open blocks of time, for as little as 30 minutes, allow you to drive the agenda and to lift your head up from the weeds to look to the future. (more…)