The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It

97“The “E” in The E-Myth refers to entrepreneur. This book is a classic, must-read for anyone starting up or running their own business. Gerber’s base premise is that there are three characters needed to create a successful business: the entrepreneur, the manager and the technician. We all excel in one of these roles but all three are needed to create a sustainable business enterprise.

In my twelve years of running Workforce Learning, I have seen many instances of this model at work: the entrepreneur who continuous reinvents his/her business, the manager who is so in the weeds of spreadsheets and products they ignore sales and customers and the technician who feels that the strength of the product or service will just sell itself.

True confession: I fall deeply into the technician mindset.

I don’t agree with everything Gerber proposes in this book. His main theme is to establish routines in running your business so that it functions much like a franchise. I am not sure this concept works with relationship-based businesses like consulting practices. But the emphasis on being mindful of the roles needed to run a business at its varying stages of growth is right on target.

“E-Myth” is a must-read for any aspiring entrepreneur.