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What problem did Alice help you with?
I asked Alice to help me figure out why one of my departments was experiencing increased work hours and work load even though the volume of their work had not changed over the years. I needed someone to take a good look at their workflow and work processes and figure out why it was taking more and more resources for them to do the work.

What were the solutions Alice offered?
Alice started by interviewing the staff and management of the department. She also interviewed me and the EVP COO. Her interviews were more like an open-ended conversation about what was working and not working on the team. The interviews were to make sure that we were all on the same page in terms of what the problems and issues were. She also reviewed the job descriptions for each position on the team and also looked at the operational plan and objectives for the department.

Alice produced a report detailing the results of the interviews and her recommendations about what we could do to increase the efficiency of the department.

What were the results of your working with Alice?
This may sound silly, but Alice’s work showed me I’m not crazy. I have suspected for some time that the team was not prioritizing work and was reacting to any request that came to them. They also were not doing an effective job estimating the time it would take to complete additional work requests. Thus although the volume of work may not have increased, what was increasing was the time and detail added to the existing workload.
Alice provided an objective, unbiased outside view on a problem that was puzzling me for some time. Having Alice validate my own suspicions around how to help this team has been enormously beneficial for me.

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