What should you do when you lose a key client contact?

January 2011

As a veteran Human Resources consultant and HR director, I can attest that my business is all about relationships. When I look back on the last few years of my company, I see that more than 90% of my clients come from referrals from former clients and colleagues.

HR work is sensitive and time-drives. HR leadership cannot contract with a person without have assurance from others whose opinion they trust that this person is reliable and competent.

That’s why I am very pleased when a client of mine leaves their current position to join a new organization. I see their transition as potentially increasing my client base with a new organization.

Here’s how I handle the situation:

1. Once I know of their plans to leave, I seek out their replacement to continue my work with the original company or firm.

2. I then offer to run a new leader transition workshop in the new organization.

3. I find transition workshops are critical to the success of the new leader yet they are often overlooked in the frenzy of starting a new job.

4. Finally, I make sure that I keep my contact database current with new addresses and phone numbers.

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